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Our valuers will provide a market appraisal of your business** We only use sold data and knowledge of the market to suggest an appropriate asking price.

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Clear and transparent terms of business. We prepare your advertising materials and match against our vast database of registered buyers. Your appointed sales negotiator will get to know you and your business.

receive business offers

Our advertising is intense and vast ensuring we have the best chance of getting an acceptable offer for your business*. Our sales negotiators are highly skilled at negotiating the best price for your business.

sale across the line

Dedicated and experienced sales progression team to get your sale across the line. Hilton Smythe Finance can help your buyer finance the purchase of your business. We have a dedicated and committed panel of solicitors who work with you and us to get the legal paperwork in order for the sale.

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Once the legal paperwork is done and everybody signs the relevant documents, the money will be in your bank helping you with the next step, whatever that is.

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No cancellation fees, we won’t charge you a fee to come off the market if you’ve had no interest.

No long contract periods, we don’t operate a 12 month contract, we just ask for six weeks’ notice that you want to cancel.

No up-front advertising fees when you instruct us to sell your business. We offer one of the best advertising coverages in the industry and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny up-front.

A dedicated Sales Negotiator who will understand you and your business with the help of a highly skilled support team.

A dedicated Sales Progression Team who will look after you once a sale is agreed, to handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure the sale completes quickly and smoothly.

In-house Finance Team through Hilton Smythe Finance, helping potential buyers access finance without having to go to a third party broker.

Other brokers


Cancellation fees  are charged to get out of your contract, even if you haven’t sold.

12 month contract  so you’re tied in to that agent even if they’re not generating any interest in your business.

Up-front advertising and registration fees  when you sign up to cover advertising fees.

No named point of contact,  nobody will understand you or your business.

No dedicated Sales Progression Team  to handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure the sale completes quickly and smoothly if a sale is agreed.

No in-house Finance Team  to help potential buyers raise the money to buy your business, having to rely on third party brokers.

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Where we advertise?

We offer unrivalled advertising  to target the right buyers and sell your business fast. Think of us as your very own marketing agency. We’ll work with you to establish the right fit for your business – aligned with your targets and selling objectives.

Our reach is impressive.  To ensure your business gets the exposure it needs we have listings with all the major business listings websites* as well as our own dedicated website and marketing tools, including our very own, bespoke super efficient and intelligent buyer matching system.





Watch our video on selling a business the Hilton Smythe Way

‘Owd Betts’ is up for sale as current landlord, Rhys Knowles, who has managed the pub for 12 years, would like to return to Wales to spend more time with his young family. The pub has personal significance to Rhys, as he used to drink in it with his father as a young man, and had his first kiss with his wife outside the pub in 1994.

The pub has gone on the market for £194,995 with business broker Hilton Smythe, which is trying to help Rhys find a suitable new owner for the business.

Gareth Smyth, Group Managing Director at Hilton Smythe, said: “Owd Betts is a fantastic business for us to work with, as it has so much local history, and the new owners will not only be getting a pub, they will be getting a piece of Rochdale’s heritage.

“At Hilton Smythe, we get a lot of businesses with interesting stories, and Owd Betts is one of the best. We want to find the perfect owner to come and take it over, and we hope the ghost of Betty will get on well with them too.

The legal stuff:  *The advertising platforms we use may change from time to time. We monitor the return on investment for all advertising platforms and so we may decide to change the advertising platforms we use during the contract period. We will notify you in advance of this.  ** You may be liable to two fees if you are on the market with another agent. ***If you require an EPC, there will be a charge up-front for your EPC.  ****Confidential or discreet sales will be advertised on some different platforms to maintain confidentiality.

Disclaimer: If you require an EPC, there will be a charge up-front for your EPC. 

Registered office: 20 Wood Street, Bolton, BL1 1DY. Tel: 01204 556 300.  © 2018 Hilton Smythe Commercial UK Ltd. Hilton Smythe is a trading name of Hilton Smythe Commercial UK Ltd. 

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